Thursday, January 17, 2008

Intellectual Property vs Social Strength

We may not yet have our Bill Gates, but Indians sure know how to make money on the web.
Scrabulous is an online multiplayer scrabble game created by two Indian brothers Jayant and Rajat Agarwalla from Kolkata. I used to play it on the site before they made it into a facebook widget.Then millions of facebookers got hooked on to it. The news is that Hasbro, which has the Scrabble trademark & Mattel which makes the boards have forced scrabulous out of facebook & thousands of scrabulous fans are disappointed. Fans now hope to make a point with their huge numbers & dissuade Hasbro & Mattel.
This type of battle has been seen in the bricks & mortar world, such as opposition to the cheap Aids medicine copies made by the Indian companies, but its new to the virtual world, see how it plays out.

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