Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Sankranthi !

My memories of the end-of-harvest festival in India are the giant greeting posters by the local politicos in Bangalore, they take their Sankranthi seriously, more so than any other fest. Sankrant, as it is called in my home state is celebrated by exchanging sweets & greeting each other with 'Tilgul ghya gode gode bola' (Eat sweet So you shall speak sweetly ), I vividly remember, when we were in Kota, how Lohri was an excuse for family & colony get together around the bonfires in which we symbolically cooked the fresh produce. Kite flying in Gujarat on Uttarayan is now a national phenomenon, the beautiful sychronized dancing celebrations by the Assamese on Bihu are a treat... no matter how you celebrate it, all i am thankful for is the sweet Pongal that my flat mates prepared.. ooh yummmm :P


Ankur said...

i thought it was on tuesday

Confusious said...

Yes I jumped the gun while eating the pongal :P. Anyway happy sankranti again ;)

lekhni said...

Happy Pongal/Sankrant(hi)/Lohri/ Bihu to you too..