Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Demented Mind reviews the 90s flick Tahalka >>

" The movie starts off unlike most Bollywood fare. No frivolousness, no lady dancing in rain in towel ” Tahalka” comes straight to the point. As shots of the Himalayas are shown, a voice over informs us of a land called Dongri-la (a subtle play of words on Shangri-La, James Hilton’s fictional utopia in the Lost Horizon). However this Dongri-La is no idyllic kingdom cause it is controlled by the evil  dictator –Dong [Amrish Puri]. "

.... This is truly hilarious, another masterpiece from the blogger.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cuil !> Google

Cuil(pronunced 'kewl' or 'cool') claims to be 3X efficient than Google. It is not even equal.

General Search :

Tested with the term chetan bhagat cuil doesn't even show the official website of the Author of the Five Point Someone & One Night at call center, which is the first result in Google.

Code search [ very neccessary ;) ]

Tested with the term javascript escape ampersand text the Cuil first page provides only two ways to escape ampersand using javascript ; even adding another word to the query javascript escape ampersand text struts
leads to "No results found",whereas Google shows many alternatives.

News Search :

A search for Surat Bombs in Cuil : No mention of the recent bombs [ maybe this engine is US specific, fox news link comes up first ]
Google shows the relavant news result at the very top.

bottomline :
Cuil may look Cool
, but is Not a gud search tool

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The uNclear Deal

" It is easy to see why the US wants this deal so badly. At virtually no cost, since there is no commitment towards fuel supplies, they can cap our strategic programme, bring us into the NPT net, through the back door, as a non-nuclear power, keep a close eye on our nuclear activities, including R&D, through intrusive IAEA inspections, and subjugate us to the wishes of the nuclear cartel. If there were no cartel, we could have easily extended the Kudankulam agreement for more reactors, and avoided the present situation. If these are not reasons enough not to go ahead with the nuclear deal, then there are no reasons that reason can find. "

P. K. Iyengar discusses the demerits of the "no-clear" deal that Dr. Manmohan Singh finds so much in 'national interest'.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The speakers dharma is to stay un biased

While I am not too pleased with how the UPA has mishandled the nuclear deal (along with a huge list of things). It is appreciable that someone in the parliament understands his dharma. (link : Somnath Chatterjee takes on Karat, may not step down)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Creative suggestions, Nah.. Suggestive creations from some frustrated IT geeks who can't cut it with the fairer sex.

Chatting with the Network Admin
"Your hotsname please"

Chatting with the HR
"I would like to discuss my annual bonur"

Chatting with the DBA
"Can you please have that complex inner njoi ready for me by EOD ?"

Chatting with the UNIX admin
"Please download & unzip my flie, it has all the details"

Chatting with the Java Programmer
"I want you to make a child right here instead of the parent(class)"

Chatting with the Tester
"The test bed requires my stimulation program"