Monday, September 29, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To the US Senate

Many thanks to the Senate foreign relations committee, we will surely give in to the freshly imposed conditions for passing the uNclear deal. We will also wait for you to start trading in nuclear supplies with us & Not do it with any other nation before that happens, as we are indebted from the umpteen times US has come & helped us..

Afterthought : Told you so before ..

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rock On Patthar

Somebody told me this is a Rock music movie but the only thing resembling Rock was Arjun Rampals expressionless thobda. The USP of a rock movie should be its music, atleast ek taabad tod gaana, to lend a crescendo at the climax but mila kya ...
Aasman hai nila kyun, paani gila gila kyun, gaana dhila dhila kyun, sur hai kyun nahi ?
Aisa tha Sindbad the sailor !? (nursery rhyme ? pakistani sufi rock, no, Baba Sehgal has better lyrics than this)
Ye tumhari meri baatein .. was a good one but slow numbers are already Javed Akhtars playground, he should have stuck to them & given the rock lyrics to someone like Indian Ocean.
I dunno why but everytime Prachi desai came into the frame I would look for a remote to change the channel. Koel purie is ok & Gauhar khan is looking gorgueous enuf to eat but The Band failed to create any acting 'magik' altogether . I loved Debbie's character (Shahana Goswami, RuBaRu might have flopped but she has shined in this one). 
Otherwise the 'production values' were good , which means they didn't fly out to switzerland just because they wanted to shoot a song & also managed to look like normal human beings throughout the movie.

Afterthought : Just add Aamir & this would become another DCH albeit with patthar music.