Friday, September 19, 2008

Rock On Patthar

Somebody told me this is a Rock music movie but the only thing resembling Rock was Arjun Rampals expressionless thobda. The USP of a rock movie should be its music, atleast ek taabad tod gaana, to lend a crescendo at the climax but mila kya ...
Aasman hai nila kyun, paani gila gila kyun, gaana dhila dhila kyun, sur hai kyun nahi ?
Aisa tha Sindbad the sailor !? (nursery rhyme ? pakistani sufi rock, no, Baba Sehgal has better lyrics than this)
Ye tumhari meri baatein .. was a good one but slow numbers are already Javed Akhtars playground, he should have stuck to them & given the rock lyrics to someone like Indian Ocean.
I dunno why but everytime Prachi desai came into the frame I would look for a remote to change the channel. Koel purie is ok & Gauhar khan is looking gorgueous enuf to eat but The Band failed to create any acting 'magik' altogether . I loved Debbie's character (Shahana Goswami, RuBaRu might have flopped but she has shined in this one). 
Otherwise the 'production values' were good , which means they didn't fly out to switzerland just because they wanted to shoot a song & also managed to look like normal human beings throughout the movie.

Afterthought : Just add Aamir & this would become another DCH albeit with patthar music.

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Whats in a Name said...

He He...
First timer here...
Right said..
Arjun Rampal has the most expressionless thobda of the film industry.....( Sunil Shetty comes a close second..)
Your blog has good content I must say..