Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can haz oscar too but ..

Slamdawg, I are drunk all ur beerz

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bus Slogan Generator

..Just having some fun with the Bus slogan generator

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He said I am not being true to myself

But what questions should I ask to myself ?

Monday, February 9, 2009

The audacity of dope

1 Habits to highly effective swimmers
by M. Phelps
Smoke Marijuana --> Lose testicles -- > Reduces Drag ! --> Win medal !

subtext : Smoking marijuana may double risk of testicular cancer

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Looking girls at Uncle home

Master of Science in Computer Applications, Bachelor in Arts of Married Life

Ok so I'm still bachelor, I also skipped a vadhu-var parichay sammelan (bride-groom identification parade) , papa not liking this, so he tell mummy but mummy not affected (me maa-da-ladla ;), so he goes to aunty, aunty tell to me u joker, why not so serious? Get girl, be happy, look at uncle (uncle smiling like sheep). Come to small town, will show very beautiful girls. I say theek hai, maybe luck by chance, slumdog become millionaire.

Ok so aunty put my photo in small town matrimony book (she say small town have descent girls). Matrimony book is black & white, many boys photo has white head but salary figure more black than mine. Also now is recession, so many FIIs (Father in Law Investor) not liking my risk factors. Also my naadi not matching with many girls pajama. But aunty somehow manage few girls.

Ok so long weekend, I go small town, before that I loose ticketvala ticket, so actual ticket vala curse me, then he find the ticket under someone shoe. {saved by the grace of FSM(Pasta Be Upon Him)}. But ticket vala wants badlaa so he find driver, driver find pothole. I find no sleep. In the night, Police stop, say bus take more load over than passenger below. So driver say ok we balance by giving from my above shirt pocket to your below pant pocket, police take that much & we go. (driver forgots about me after that. yahoo !)

Ok so I am at bus stand. Small town have concrete roads ! & concrete potholes ! also more people stuffed into small tempo so I am chatni sandwich by time I reach unkil home. There I become fresh after shower. I like small town, here armpit dont turn into swimming pool like big town. I go to roof, take sunbath. Aunty tells me to dress up as girl would be coming soon.As usual I wear some casual.

Ok so the girl comes in a huge tavera, is this my jeevan ka savera? :P. Me in two minds, if I tell a PJ now, girl will run away, If I don't, she will run away when she find this talent of mine. What to do ? Ok Lets keep mum till suhag-raat ;) . Sweets are offered & taken with much shyness. PoFIL & PoMIL* ask me many question like teri aukat kya hai in subtle words like how much I earn &how I manage with that in Big town. I tell him I share-in with seven other guys, so he start discussing politics. He is congress & I am communal. check-mate.

My niece not liking my jeans, so I wear Bushirt the next day. Go to Atya home, she not amused, why make your dad pareshaan, why not got a girl by yourself. What I say ? Eat poha chupchap.

Ok so next girl, she is Independant, like I want, should spend her own money & not asking me much. But she giggling too much, I ask question, she giggle, I ask another she giggle more. I like her giggle, I take her email, So aunty realizes & asks if I want to show her the house, there is nothing to show, but I take hint. We go up on gacchi, after some climate talk she tell me she is teacher in local college & may not find work in Big town. But I say you passed out with honors, you will get. Then she tell real reason, the college hunk. So we come down.

Ok so for a change we go to girl house, then we have tea, sweets, samosa, upma etc. So I tell papa it is better to go to girl house. Then we go to roof again.This girl was not speaking much in front of bade log but she explode with words now. She doing masters in economic, also giving bank exam, also filled IPS application, also giving upsc. I am good listener, but there is time limit, so they call us down.

Ok so next girl teach english to mba studs, Her eyes very attractive but I control by looking at her massive figure. Half of her sentence is english. I like. But do she like my english ? So I throw in words like recursive control flow & integration of processing logic. I dont think she like that. So I ask any boyfriends? She say she rejected many proposals. Very good. I say. She ask me if I have girlfriend, I say I never got rejected because I only kept redrafting the proposals . Nice joke, she does not like. so we come down.

Ok so next girl, is counsellar at management institute, brings in many bakras. All their courses are belong to bad state, she tell me. She also like coding & database like oracle, I tell her I also like the matrix movies. She doesn't understand. She tell she has seen many ups & down, no care for money, she just want mental support. I say very good, I support many application at work & also I am mental. So done. She understand the joke this time. & So we come down.

Ok so day after, we go to girl house, girl not there. so we come down.

3 days 5 girls, next round is expecting.

*PoMIL : Wife of Possible Father in Law
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