Friday, July 27, 2007

My penultimate day at Singapore

If all goes as planned, this should be my penultimate day in Singapore. Had a wonderful stay !
Memories of my stay here will surely be fresh & verdant ...

Tree Top Walk

More snaps in the flickr link on the right ..

Thursday, July 26, 2007

of the straights & the gays

I wanted to do this since i landed in Singapore & saw their premier newspaper :

Just for fun i wondered if there was one for gays will it be like ...

(photoshopped image : click to view details)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Aap ka suroor the moviee the real luv story - the review

What !? तू मूंगफली तो नही बन गया ? (have u gone nuts ?)... reaction of a friend when i told him i happened to watch "the moviee the real luv story"(yeah thats what the title says!).
well yes i watched it (i am adventurous u see :P) .

The verdict ? well lets just say that its supposed to be a mystery & i didn't wait till the climax :P . But apart from that the first half is very good. Even though HR (not human resource - thats himes's character) doesnt have any idea what 'expression' is ..the humour keeps the story alive.Theres even a joke on his nasal singing !

No intimate scenes, since the cap cant come off !

The screenplay if i dare say it fine & its a slick moviee by todays standards. The plot goes awry after हिमेस escapes from the german prison. But hear this .. Hansika motwani is Damn Gud even if only for the cutie cute role she's got.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

Not your usual garden lizard !

I went to the Singapore botanical gardens this weekend. Had an encounter with a free roaming monitor lizard there ! Here are some snaps :

the lizard , video

happy newly weds :)
Tenzing Tortoise on everest

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Conveyor Belt Sushi

As a software coolie, I am supposed to be ferried anywhere at a moments notice.
On one such assignment, am at Singapore right now for the past few months.
They say food is a pastime of singaporeans..yes it is, looks like nobody cooks at home!
& there are various options to choose from Malay to Indian to Western. I just 'had' to taste japanese so i went to place called sakae sushi at Raffels place.
Curiously, there was no sakae, only sushi (or its not the drink they are talking about)
We sat on the sides of an elevated table, on which there was a long conveyor belt running, with lots of dishes coming & going. Out of which we had :
1) Fried Octopus !
2) Raw Salmon
3) Fish eggs
4) Something made out of Egg :P

I could just barely eat all of this, thank goodness i had ordered for a large coke !

Friday, July 13, 2007

IM Status Msgs

* This again is an old post migrated from the old blog *

Some of my yahoo Status Messages

when she cries .. it hertz

i wasnt born with a hole in my heart .. her gaze was sharp

The wind gushed in to find the flute waiting breathless ..

Heart betrays Mind betrays Body betrays the Soul

Lips that withhold secrets entice much more than the secrets themselves ..

Its either the chemistry between us or her geography which is better than my physics ,
that makes us do biology together

you See the mirror but Notice yourself

Love thy neighbour for he has a lovely daughter

Beautiful women in distant windows often turn out to be mannequins

Still figuring out what I would do, when I grow up.

Bench v1.0

------This was written when i was frustrated 'on bench' at Bangalore-----

Bench v 1.0

would like to take the pleasure of honoring the person who invented the Bench system..

He gets an *up his* trophy ...nonetheless .. nothing to do so here goes ..

Mumbai 6th Jun : The real matrix is brewing at a place called Sion at mumbai , India ..

The virtual weapons system installed there (neighbourkinazar) keeps a watch on all the

aliens coming from UP(United Parasites) & B-Har(Bottled & Hazardous). Shaktiman was last

seen trying hard to fight the matrix but couldn’t revolve faster than the bullets to dodge them . Now

Until last update Neo-Rajnikanth had been called on by the president to fight for humanity.


This is my first log entry though I‘ve experienced it before.
Curiously, though I had the same sensation at those times, I did not
log it , cannot even remember now. So this …

I have been looking for a new place since my landlord has sold the place.
I have done house hunting before, but not in this context.
I went to a flat in sher-e- Punjab colony, Mumbai.
There I rang the bell on the 5th floor(guess)& met a vikas agarwal who’s staying with another guy.
The other guy will be leaving This month end but I want to shift earlier.
I go on & inspect the place which is clean but quite ordinary, I like it.
I go the kitchen & then the adjoining bathroom.
The bathroom seems familiar (but only from experience).
I come back to the hall. The other guy is cooking something.
I am in the process of talking to both of them about rent & all & intermittently look at the TV which is playing some song I like.
THEN It happens ! I’ve been in this situation, in that exact place before saying things that I said but I cant recollect when ,where, how ??
I stop saying anything for a while, they both look at me but dont notice anything.I resume with saying byes to them.

I want to move-in earlier. This has been the case before but can’t put a finger when. I sort of had a Premonition that I wont be coming here. But I think that was more of a rational decision.

More On DejaVu :

I would like to know your comments & your own experiences of a Deja Vu.