Friday, July 13, 2007

Bench v1.0

------This was written when i was frustrated 'on bench' at Bangalore-----

Bench v 1.0

would like to take the pleasure of honoring the person who invented the Bench system..

He gets an *up his* trophy ...nonetheless .. nothing to do so here goes ..

Mumbai 6th Jun : The real matrix is brewing at a place called Sion at mumbai , India ..

The virtual weapons system installed there (neighbourkinazar) keeps a watch on all the

aliens coming from UP(United Parasites) & B-Har(Bottled & Hazardous). Shaktiman was last

seen trying hard to fight the matrix but couldn’t revolve faster than the bullets to dodge them . Now

Until last update Neo-Rajnikanth had been called on by the president to fight for humanity.

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