Wednesday, October 31, 2007

जोधा अकबर | Jodhaa Akbar theatrical trailer

This has only been released for theaters. I agree something this grand doesn't suit the small box :

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No smoking review / धुम्रपान निषेध है - Screenplay के लिए खेद है !

|| श्री श्री गुरु घंटाल बाबा बंगाली वाले की जय ||

फिल्म पर कुछ लिखने से पहेले ही ज़ोर से बोल दूँ के मैंने ज़िंदगी में कभी सिगरेट को मुह से लगा कर जलाया नही है, अलबत्ता हाथ में ज़रूर लिया है । तो शायद मेरा experience धुम्रक्क्ड ! लोगों से अलग हो

दाद देनी पड़ेगी अनुराग को , खाज और खुजली भी देनी पड़ेगी , क्योंकी अगर इनके सिवा उनकी कल्पना शक्ती इतनी गिर सकती है तो इनके साथ वे क्या गुल खिलाएँगे पता नहीं , seriously , ये फिल्म मुझे पसंद आनी चाहिए थी क्योंकि ये एक PJ है , और मैं भी एक PJ हूँ | इसमें एक जोक परेश रावल जॉन अब्राहम के साथ करते हैं , दूसरा अनुराग हमारे साथ करते हैं | दिल तो करता है के मैं भी कुछ ऐसा लिखूं की "फिल्म देखते हुए ऐसा लग रहा था के उंगलियाँ रणवीर की कट रही हैं और दिमाग मेरा (बचा है थोडा बहुत) " पर ये कुछ ऐसा है जो और कोई निर्देशक attempt भी नहीं करेगा (राकेश 'अक्स' मेहरा भी नहीं) और ऐसे प्रयोगों की बहुत आवश्यकता है यशराज और प्रियदर्शन के पागलपन के बीच में . सिर्फ फिल्म की संकल्पना ही इतना प्रभावित करती है , अगर execution भी उतना ही बढिया होता तो क्या बात थी | इसलिए जाइये no smoking देखिये और अगर आप असली मज़े उठाना चाहते हैं तो अपने किसी मित्र को साथ ले जाइये और फिल्म देखते समय उसके चेहरे का हाल देखिये ! :P

Anyway, this couldve been cannes material, right now it is trash can's material. Just jauking :)

My fortune cookie on Orkut 5

Today's fortune: You are going to have some new clothes.

I thought, the time's up for me.. the message is for my soul ..

जैसे कोई व्यक्ती पुराने कपड़े उतार नऐ कपड़े पहनता है, वैसे ही शरीर धारण की हुई आत्मा पुराना शरीर त्याग कर नया शरीर प्राप्त करती है ॥

Like, a person changes worn-out garments and puts on new clothes, so does the soul change the worn-out bodies and acquires that is new
-- The bhagwat geeta

But i tricked my soul, got a new sweater instead :P

Monday, October 29, 2007

दो बीघा ज़मीन के लिए ३०० किलोमीटर कि gandhigiri

India's landless prevented from marching on parliament - Guardian Unlimited

Around 25,000 tribals & small land villagers marched 300Kms into delhi to make themselves heard.
There were the untouchables & now these are the untouched.. those who remain unaware of the 'boom' happening in the stock markets & cities. Little do they know that it is this very development which calls for the sacrifice of their farmlands at a pittance. As India slowly moves into an era away from agriculture, those entrenched in this family occupation will have a very tough going since they haven't been equipped with the skills to face the transformation, which might not be as peaceful as this march.

Even as we speak of this gandhian march here, thousands of suppressed riots mark the land in china & naxal parts of india.

:: Video ::

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

(s)crap on orkut

Boy, the things people write :

I was cooking chicken and i added hara dhania . guess what happened . chicken started dancing - "humpe ye kisine hara rang dala, mar dala mar dala" . dont worry still i m a veg this is just a scarp.


Monday, October 22, 2007

My fortune cookie on Orkut 4

Today's fortune: Your winsome smile will be your sure protection

We had a production issue, my boss looked at me, i smiled, the smile has a little gap now.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

दशहरे की शुभकामनाये ! Happy Dussera !

People are busy in the big apple, seems they are more busy in small apple (Jersey City). The Street Garba at Newark Street [Journal Square] which is into its 5th Year happens only on weekends (Fri & Sat),
but attracts huge crowds. The ultimate night on 20th attracted over 13,000 Indians & Americans !
It was nice to see some 'goris' learn impromptu dance steps & chiming in as well.

The whole street is closed & packed with over 13,000 !

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

बहुत हो चुका, अब हिंदी में लिखेंगे !

चिटठा (chittha) = hindi for blog
Waves of good writers in hindi is hitting the shores of the blogworld. Thanks to the blog service providers like blogspot which have inbuilt support for indic langauges, finally the language which i remember from my lessons :

"जैसी बोली जाती है वैसी ही लिखी जाती है "

is coming into its own. compiles some of these.

I will keep writing in the language that i speak -- hinglish.

Really Sensitive index

Yesterday the mumbai sensitive index opened 1500 points down
& immediately my flat mates went into chintamani mode.
As i saw later in the morning, It recovered afterwards.
But some guys were awake late into night (am in the USofA rt now) tracking it.
some reason keeps me away from tying myself to the ups & downs of sensex.
its too unstable, perhaps, like the cricket team, i expect some consistency !

I was awake too, trying out Joost, a
play on demand video web service that lets you play tv shows. Though the video quality
is good, there are not a large number of shows available but that is expected to change
in the course of time. Its easy for providers to stream video content here in the U.S.
where everything is broadband. No such luck in india for the time being.If you don't want
to install the player, websites of some tv channels provide full episodes online like :

Survivor (last season) ** must see
Survivor (China - current season)

All on

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SeeSaw Bullies

This just came in my mail ... Few men decided to relive their childhood & risk their manhood by playing see saw in a bullfight arena.. with the bull inside it ! Wait till the bull dislodges them one by one.

Seems like fun ! isn't it ?

Monday, October 15, 2007

All Courtesy The Genome

A discovery that should give us some more ammunition against the mutation of disease causing pathogens is RNA interference. It is an alternative RNA based approach to genetics rather than DNA.

"Once scientists abandoned their preconceived notions of genes and looked instead at individual DNA "letters" in the genome—the four bases A, C, T and G— they immediately began to see cause-and-effect connections to myriad diseases and human traits."

"scientists have identified specific alterations in the sequence of DNA that play causative roles in a broad range of common diseases, including type 1 and type 2 diabetes; schizophrenia; bipolar disorder; glaucoma; inflammatory bowel disease; rheumatoid arthritis; hypertension; restless legs syndrome; susceptibility to gallstone formation; lupus; multiple sclerosis; coronary heart disease; colorectal, prostate and breast cancer, and the pace at which HIV infection causes full-blown AIDS. Unlike so many previous "disease gene" discoveries, these findings are being replicated and validated."

"In a handful of years, your doctor may be able to run a computer analysis of your personal genome to get a detailed profile of your health.This goes well beyond merely making predictions. A new technology called RNA interference may also allow doctors to control how your DNA is "expressed," helping you circumvent potential health risks. Many common diseases that have preyed on humans for eons—devastating neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer—could be eradicated."

-- Excerpts from the article courtesy Indian Express

And here is a nifty animation explaining the stuff :

My fortune cookie on orkut - 3

Today's fortune: You and your wife will be happy in your life together

me? wife? happy? together??? sigh ... what can i say !

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunshine - Movie Review

Saw two new movies : Johnny Gaddar (जॉनी गद्दार) & Sunshine . Immensely satisfying.

"If the sun dies, so do we"

Now this is my kind of movie. I am glad i saw this one.

--Spoiler Warning--
Sometime in the very distant future, our sun is dying out. And human kind has surprisingly managed not to kill itself. A group of scientists on board a ship are going on humanities second & last attempt at reviving the sun. So its about the reality show that plays out between the crew.
Sun is dying, but its still radiant enough to burn the ship, So it feels like the patient attempting to kill its own doctor. The FX & graphics are amazing, truly capturing the fury & beauty of the sun. Visually the sun seems a benevolent god who has the power to sustain life but enough to destroy it all in one solar surge. The settings may not seem befitting of so long in the future, Also the humans still behave 'humanely' which i seriously believe would be the first trait to be lost in our over mechanization. The movie also reminds me of 'Event Horizon' in a surprise twist of events. Highly recommended for science fiction buffs.

About the second one, I have formed a theory. In Indian cinema, the credits speak a lot. So if you have the director of Ek Haseena Thi (एक हसीना थी) Sriram Raghavan on the rolls with his whole crew, you have to go & watch the movie [Although people like RGV defy any logic of this sort]. Its just like the general formula for Indian girls going to a movie because of who it stars & what they wear.

--Spoiler Warning--
Johnny Gaddar is not a mystery, in fact you know from the first quarter, who did what, but its a damn good thriller. The story is about how Johnny cons his own gang. Then survives all the suspicion around him by turning it over its head & does so very believably. The characters are realistic, Dharmendra is especially good as the head of the gang. Neil Nitin Mukesh(grandson of Mukesh) is playing Johnny & excels at that. Other gang members are perfect in their roles. There is a separate plot which involves extra marital affair between a gang members wife (Rimii Sen) & Neil. There is only one background song in the movie so it holds its pace well, but some shots could've been cut short. Recommended viewing against the current hindi lot of borrowed comedies. * Don't miss the opening credits, they've been done tastefully in the style of 70's movies.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

2nd Oct

Where is this lonesome man going, why doesn't he wear proper clothes, what is he so firm but calm about ? is that a sunrise in India or the sun finally sat on the empire ?

Does Burma need a Gandhi right now ?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sparkling dew drops on the web

This is one of my favorite self captured photos :

Testing my Panasonic
Sunset Couple (Singapore McRitchie Reservoir)

Got a decent one by fluke . These however are works of art, captured with patience and a keen eye for colors. Wonder how you can stumble upon sapphires navigating this vast wired mesh.