Monday, October 29, 2007

दो बीघा ज़मीन के लिए ३०० किलोमीटर कि gandhigiri

India's landless prevented from marching on parliament - Guardian Unlimited

Around 25,000 tribals & small land villagers marched 300Kms into delhi to make themselves heard.
There were the untouchables & now these are the untouched.. those who remain unaware of the 'boom' happening in the stock markets & cities. Little do they know that it is this very development which calls for the sacrifice of their farmlands at a pittance. As India slowly moves into an era away from agriculture, those entrenched in this family occupation will have a very tough going since they haven't been equipped with the skills to face the transformation, which might not be as peaceful as this march.

Even as we speak of this gandhian march here, thousands of suppressed riots mark the land in china & naxal parts of india.

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