Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Marriage is out of the backburner !

Nowadays, father is seriously thinking abt fixing me up with some girl, so now I am supposed to recite a ganapati stotra (sanskrit shloka) every tuesday & wear a pearl ring , that would make my prospects bright for a 'good girl' . You see, for him I am his son, not some rationalist fool [who also thinks marriage is decided by how tasty the kande pohe turn out to be]. Poor father, from the beginning to the end i.e. from soo soo to shaadi (shaadi as end, how apt ;), everything has to be initiated by him. He decided to act because I didn't (or couldn't ?) - [that chapter is a black comedy in itself]. Although I can blame my incompetence in that area called lurve to the skewed sex gender ratio in Matrubhoomi : a nation -soon-to-be- without women. Anyway, soon my profile got created on,, vagaira vagaira courtesy the sisterhood (my plans to marry after the sisterhood does were thus, cut short, sisterhood always wins, shhhh raksha bandhan is near). Then it was quiet for sometime. Sometime later i decided to update the profiles myself with details like 'traveled a broad abroad' & such. Then, sisterhood said they were getting flooded with messages, so i decided to check some out. Now normally, I outright reject profiles created by the poojaniya mata-pita but this one seems irresistible :

Well born (how on earth ???) well bread (thanks but i prefer toasted). Soft spoking, caring with charming personality. A fine blender of east & west (the grinder comes free). Blives(& Cdies) in Indian values, respects elders (I really wish he had typo'd this as welders). Looking for someone with whom she can share the journey of life, with love and respect for each other. Visited us on vacation (uh oh.. he means US). Presently working with an MNC company at Pune (wow ! MNC). Belong to a highly cultured (yoghurt ?), descent family from Nagpur,with fine living standard. Father retired as a Sr.Executive. origianlly from north India setteled in Pune for many generations. (father is settled since many generations !) Mother, house maker(he means home maker obviously, not a builder/contractor) from reputed brahmin family (but.. ours is a disreputed brahmin family :( ). Speak Hindi at home, fluent in English, & Marathi. Elder sister M.C.A. M.S now in CA(US) Her husband from well respected deshastha brahmin family now with IBM US.Second sister graduate in computer engg. Married to a Lt.Col. in the Indian army, he is from Banglore.Lots of cousins are abroad in the extended family (& what about the second cousins aunt, she lives in honolulu no ?). A very warm, close knit (sweaters ?), progressive family.with good Sanskar.Looking for a caring and compatible gentleman & family.(this is actually why, with a heavy heart, I decided to turn them down)

hmmmph , now if only getting the right girl required knowing the correct google keywords


Lekhni said...

You have "traveled abroad?" Does that mean you are back in India now?

Your description of the "girl's" profile was hilarious. (Although I wish you hadn't held it against the "girl").

Rohit Srivastwa said...

Welcome to the "League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen"

The webworld of all these etc where people are judged by google keywords.

My experience: I found a few(2) good girls here(out of some 1000s contacts), but they denied in last stage cause they wanted to marry their boyfriend =)).

In some cases I have seen photoshoped photographs too. The JPEG baby turned into something else on meeting.

The safar of search in arrange marriage is dificult but fun. Love marriage road is very dificult, as per the famous saying from one of the movie
"jise hum chahte hain woh kisi aur ko chahti hai, jo humein chahti hai use kon chahta hai"

Recently few of my friends started blogging about the marriage & finding a suitable boy/girl and that too after 10-12 years of their marriage.

I think people can be benefited by their PoV.

Anyway best of luck dost ;)

Confusious said...

Yes, I am very much back in India now. & abt the "girl", well I expect the "girl" to put up her own profile if she is really interested, hence I reject profiles created by the animal called overzealous parentus indicus.

Dude, raham khao mujh par, if a guy was as indecisive in life as me, he would not get any at all !
& why do the same set of girls turn up in my searches month after month ? Im clueless.

Chetan said...


thy frivolous soul shalt be punished for banishing poor dames for their parents' verse! :P

hope you find the toast of your life!! ;)

Ruchita said...

late padha..isiliye late comment!!

:)was very very funny!!!

So i guess ppl who knw rite English can get rite partners ;)
hehe! nywz well written :)

quaintkal said...

my jaw is aching! :D :D