Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pray for the deported sole

Does it occur to you that just when you are leaving a place some strange coincidences happen ?
Like you find out that pronto pizza makes the thin-crust pizza that you like, while you were going over @ sbarros . That everybody notices your smile & attributes it to your going back home, which was never commented upon when you came back from that skiing trip or Miami. That suddenly there is a 1$ bluetooth headset available "only online" that you don't have the time to collect now. That even though nobody has told them about your return, long forgotten relatives call & ask for 'gifts'. That you realize the very touristy place you did not bother to visit was the symbol of the city. Yes I didn't visit lady liberty - just saw her from a *very* safe distance. Why ? well I was afraid that she might hit me with that enormous torch - I've stood her up for more than a millennium now ;P

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feynman : making sense of chaos around us

I came across a series of video clips where legendary scientist Richard Feynman talks about the inconceivable nature of the world around us .. & how to interpret it better -

See other videos here

Flower power

Getting click-happy before going back to matrubhoomi. Each new season big shops in New York put up window themes celebrating the change of weather. Macy's has put up a flower based fashion theme to welcome the spring season. Some pics (click to enlarge)...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Full moon amaavas

There i was, going back to the dwelling, talking to myself on the way, hands moving about each other in usual gestures of explaining - yes, to myself. The moon was completely hidden beneath black clouds. Suddenly there was a voice from a car parked on the road side. 'Excuse me' it said.
I looked into that direction & saw the full moon ! actually two... I had been Mooned.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


as the post topic says, frequently asked questions

You want to go back ? why on earth would you think about that ?
Dude, India is not Darfur, even if it was, my family is in the country & the country is my family.
Would you come back to the US ?
Maybe not.
Why, don't think negative.
negative ???

Why don't you eat meat? Is it because of your religion?
No , first I am not religious at all, second the religion I was born into doesn't enforce anything.
I just don't like the taste & the texture. Indeed I have tried & do try to taste various meats before I say that... & yes, fish IS non vegetarian.

Why don't you drink? You can't enjoy winter without drinking(!).
I drink water & juice, thats enough. I don't like being intoxicated. As for the winter hot chocolate is the answer.
(Glad they don't ask why I don't smoke !)

Why this aversion to cars?
Not cars per-se, but those big Hummers & SUVs being used to ferry only one/two. Thats f*****g absurd when you know the cost to the environment. But who am I to talk like that, I'll be sitting on gallons of burning Jet fuel myself again in a few days for the fourth time this year.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The child in us

There is a child in all of us. It manages to get out of women but stays locked inside the men.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The FreeRice badge

The Free Rice project is a unique endeavor from UNICEF. You play a word game & each word you guess correctly goes towards donation of rice.You can just add a link for this to your blog sidebar(as it appears on mine) with this code:

<a href="" align="center"><img src="" /></a><br />

The src image is hosted on picasa, if you want you can copy & resize it.

Indiblogger meet at Pune

Indibloggers will meet, in My city & in My college but I can't attend :(
had I been there, I would have definitely gone, atleast for the free pizza !

15/03/2008 at 16:00
Pune Blogger Meet

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

03.12.2008 (MM:DD)

This may be disturbing. I had the most horrible dream last night. In that nightmare of a dream, I killed somebody. I put in the details into another post but I wouldn't want to publish it. Even for a dream it is very unsettling for me. I woke up - right as I was planning my getaway. Getaway ? how could i think of that, there was blood everywhere. When i woke up there should have been relief that it was not real. But it felt real & I kept thinking about it all morning getting ready for work. How could I kill a man that grotesquely , & the guilt, I could actually feel the guilt , you really want to kill yourself after you've done something like that. If not for the act itself but for the dread of being caught. Some of the imagery was new, some felt awfully similar to movie sequences, except I was experiencing the movie. What triggered this ? hopefully this is a one off thing. One of my friends gets these violent dreams in which he's a gun toting macho man, maybe shooting supposedly evil men from a distance ala video games is not that freakish, but this was not a gun.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


मेरे सिरहाने एक किताब पड़ी है
उसकी कहानी कुछ ऐसी मुडी है
अलग सिमटे किस्सों का कारवां हो
किसी से मुलाकात यूँही ख्वामखाँ हो

बहुत चाहता हूँ के बस ख़त्म कर दूँ
ये स्याह चित्रकारी जो अधूरी खड़ी है
सुलझेगी कैसे मगर सोचता हूँ
के अब तक पहेली जो मैंने गढ़ी है

वो कहते हैं हमसे
के हम लिख पाएँगे
आंखों से कही है जो दास्ताँ
वो लफ्ज़ क्या पकड़ पाएँगे
ये रूठना मनाना जो अब तक लिखा है
हसीं मंज़रों से कागज़ जो भर रखा है
इस मोहब्बत-ऐ नीवल* के क्या मायने हों
अगर दिल में उनके दबी आखरी कड़ी है |


Thursday, March 6, 2008


Boss moved to next desk, so blogging is NSFW(not safe for work). Note to self : never say "It can't get any worse", it usually does. Ironically its work which drives me to blog, hoping these storm clouds will pass soon ;)

Passing note :

Monday, March 3, 2008

Quote Worth Quoting

Life is a sexually transmitted disease. - RD Laing