Sunday, March 23, 2008


as the post topic says, frequently asked questions

You want to go back ? why on earth would you think about that ?
Dude, India is not Darfur, even if it was, my family is in the country & the country is my family.
Would you come back to the US ?
Maybe not.
Why, don't think negative.
negative ???

Why don't you eat meat? Is it because of your religion?
No , first I am not religious at all, second the religion I was born into doesn't enforce anything.
I just don't like the taste & the texture. Indeed I have tried & do try to taste various meats before I say that... & yes, fish IS non vegetarian.

Why don't you drink? You can't enjoy winter without drinking(!).
I drink water & juice, thats enough. I don't like being intoxicated. As for the winter hot chocolate is the answer.
(Glad they don't ask why I don't smoke !)

Why this aversion to cars?
Not cars per-se, but those big Hummers & SUVs being used to ferry only one/two. Thats f*****g absurd when you know the cost to the environment. But who am I to talk like that, I'll be sitting on gallons of burning Jet fuel myself again in a few days for the fourth time this year.

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dhanashree said...

i must say, your individualistic attitude of really thinking what you want to do n where you want to be is commendable... everyone knows this is how they should think, but still many follow the often trodden paths n beliefs without much reasoning.