Thursday, September 27, 2007

My fortune cookie on orkut 2

Today's fortune: Your love life will be happy and harmonious

Spent gud time at - Check
Signed up for Harmonium lessons - Check

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Suck it up guys !

Our national hockey team is fuming at the 20/20 'baseball' cup win celebrations. They think that they are getting a step motherly treatment & that the step mother is nothing like yashoda in any way.

I think hockey never enjoyed large public support, so just because the team played better in the times of dhyaanchand, it was made the national sport ? Personally i like tennis & dislike cricket because they are simply not consistent enough Also you never know if it is 'fixed' . But, actually no sport can beat the excitement of the final overs in cricket for Indians, so unless you win an Olympic gold or something, hockey guys will have to be satisfied with the government jobs.
People will only follow a sport when someone performs first, as was the case with Leander then & Sania now.

p.s. I also think its wasteful of us to allow a noise & air polluting event called F1 to be hosted in India. Nothing will come good out of it except money going into the hands of politicians/mallaya.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MOASt Delicious !

i.e. Mango On A Stick ! all my life of two & a half plus decade I've eaten mangoes the traditional Indian way like poking a hole at the top & squeeze + suck the hell lot of juice out of it or just slice it , never like this ....

Nicely spiced & sweet, This was a clean & non messy delight on a stick !! :P . This site has details on how to make it :

Monday, September 24, 2007

My fortune cookie on orkut

Today's fortune: You will travel far and wide, both for pleasure and business

Traveled far from New Jersey to NYC office - Check
Traveled wide from Office to Subway for a sandwich, had pleasure eating it - Check.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Smoking Begger ?

While on my usual walk back from the office to 33rd Street Path station, I saw another interesting New York beggar. Sitting on a wheel chair, a plastic mug in one of his hand, the other hand steadily helping him to puff on a cigarette while continuously calling out for loose change for his meal !

I have been encountering many such 'beggars' (dont think they wud ike to call themselves that, hence the quotes) lately ... around the corners, smelling of alcohol & smugly asking to provide for their next meal, Or pretending to have lost their wallet , they just approach you & ask you if you have some change, they are equals, not like the really poor beggars in india (i think the begging industry shown in traffic signal is far removed from reality) who try extra hard for your attention & show pity on themselves.

And this a complete contrast from Singapore, where i didn't see One person begging. Although i did see a man wearing plastic bags for socks, he was not begging. Maybe they put a fine on begging as well !

But really my question is this, would you consider giving any thought to a beggar who is smoking ?? In my world smoking is banned, even for the disabled, especially for the beggars.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How to undress in under 2 seconds

Now what can i say ... yes.. hit the replay button to learn !

Jodhaa Akbar - 25th Jan 2008

Nobody in indian cinema has ever been able to recreate the magic of mughal-e-azam. Even if this is 1/5th of that we'll be glad.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You just missed out on buying Belgium !

According to this , Ebay had a sale of Belgium up on its website until now, obviously as a second hand item ( i would say Nth hand item !). Actually this was an ad from a Belgian company 'Six' which wanted to show that Belgium is valuable ! Yeah with $18,812.14 per capita expenditure, it should be a good buy .. but a steal would be Vatican .. whose residents are the wealthiest in terms of per capita.[Source : nationmaster]

This is so beautiful, but its a weed ..

You must have seen this flower in India , these small small flowers made the landscape in my vicinity. But i found out recently that this is not indigenous, its actually a weed from south america.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Recollections - I

half hidden behind the flowers
rain soaked by the showers
i cant see you lady
but i can imagine you for hours

the heart skips a beat or two
when the wind gushes by you

comes to me & says - how r you ?

then ... i feel i can bring you the stars

brisk walk through the meadows

is just what i need with you

cos no one can touch my thoughts

like only can few

intuition says
go ahead ,
play the bet

mind comes then

& doesn't let

---- Vishal Mungi 7:22 PM 6/23/2004

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The death of an innocuous orkut scrap

Scraps, as orkut users might know are little messages of text/picture/video that users can send to one another as well as read anyone else's. That is the USP of the site, you can find out whats really going on based on the conversations he/she has, without the person telling you. Anyone could send these to anybody , but now no more ....

The settings page

Instead, you can introduce yourself while adding a person as friend ....

The girls would most probably be the first ones to turn the feature off.
So guys say your byes to casual intro scraps ... flood them with friend requests instead !

Ungli jaisi dubli ko nahi chahiye pharmacy

I like to karaoke, more so if the lyrics go like this :

jurassic park mein sundar se jode, jazz music gaaye mil ke
(beautiful pairs together are singing the jazz music in the jurassic park !)

picasso ki painting mera peechhe pakad ke texas mein naache mil ke
(holding the painting of picasso behind, we dance together in texas)

Such 'gems' of songs ( like 'telephone dhun mein hasne wali' from indian )
were penned by writer p.k. mishra. These songs might seem nonsensical at first, but
have a lot of meaning such as ..

bandooke taan ke goli chalane se pyaar kabhi marta hai kya
(does love die if you shoot the lovers with guns ?)

machhli pakadne ka jaal bichhaane se ambar ke taare phanste kya
(can you catch the stars of sky by spreading a fishing net ?)

Genius ! :P
So i though of compiling a short table of songs & lyrics here for us to karaoke !

muqabala muqabalaYoutubea r rahmanp k mishramano swarnalatha
urvashi urvashiYoutubea r rahmanp k mishraa r rahman
shankar mahadevan
noel james
patti rapDesiLassia r rahmanp k mishrasuresh Peters
noel james
shankar mahadevan
gopala gopalaDesiLassia r rahmanp k mishras p balasubrahmanyam
s janaki
premika ne pyaar seDesiLassia r rahmanp k mishras p balasubrahmanyam
udit narayan
s p b pallavi

^^^ He features in all of the songs

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How indians are (?) supporting the iraq war

Though india is not supporting the war ..given their huge presence, immigrant tech workers in US might be , heres how :

Excerpt from wikipedia on the taxation status of H1B visa holders ..

"H-1B workers are legally required to pay the same taxes as any other U.S. resident, including Social Security and Medicare."

"Since an H-1B visa is only valid for 6 years and Social Security benefit eligibility typically requires 10 years of work, most H-1B visa holders will not be able to make use of the Social Security benefits that they are contributing to."

What am i paying the staggering amount of tax for then ? Donation for the 'eye raq' blunder ??
Can i get it back ?

Monday, September 10, 2007

From the ranch northwest ..

Federer behold, I am coming !

So Federation won the U.S. open , didn't we expect that ? although djokovic had many chances he faltered upon. Thats not what the post is about though.
We went to the Madison square park this weekend to view a live screening of finals. There, a stall from Amex for the general public was analyzing our serve alongside the serve of a pro.
This page has my analysis. Its a pretty detailed one .. check if you can find chinks in your serve as well ..

"your weight should be predominantly on the back foot & you are holding the racket loosely"
- yeah Roger that ! :) . Now its only a matter of playing regular :P

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A map of the internet !

Look at what the japs came up with :

Click on the picture to see in full

This map is modeled on the maps of the complex japanese metro rail.
Doesn't seem much at the first look but if you look closer you'll see that major net
companies have clusters of servers around them symbolizing their web applications.Like Google is shown in the biggest font with Orkut, Blogger & You tube in its proximity, each being a station on its own line of vertical like community & movies.

Another important aspect is the presence of the black chinese line, which denotes what the chinese public can see with respect to their foolish censorship.

26th July 2005

Came across a preview of a realistic budget movie on IndiaGlitz - 26th July at Barista .

Brings back memories ... 26th July 2005. The day when it poured & poured on mumbai, but mumbai didn't stand still, The gutters were clogged but it opened its heart to everybody.

Complete strangers helped each other wade through the water. Formed chains & tied ropes to get people across. Stood in the gushing waters & informed if an open manhole was hidden. Traffic police became the only visible government. People gave food & shelter to strangers in their homes.

I myself was out of the 300 odd stranded employees of a firm, who didn't know if they will be able to get food for everybody. There were others, stuck in the lobby. Being in a low lying area, the building was surrounded by torrents of water on two sides & a nalla on the third.
Help came, The builder had arranged a party on the completion of the highest floor, it got canceled. With whatever ingredients he had, the caterer made delicious khichdi for everybody in the lobby. Ultimately, the hr department was somehow able to get food for all.
We slept on our work desks that night.

Why have we come to take this as an expected reaction from the city which never sleeps, has cut throat competition on the streets ,11th July,,, maximum city ?
This article by sudheendra kulkarni describes his journey through that night.
I hope this ability isn't taken for granted & stretched beyond its limit by those in the chair.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A crazy cuban driver + a confused guide make for a beautiful trip

Oh what an outing , if you are visiting touristy places out of New York then i would recommend
the chinatown tours for a complete adventurous & brain twisting trip(sarcasm intended). You know how the next 48 hours are going to be when you change buses twice , your chinese guide doesn't know which tour company he's working for(apparently it was his first trip with this company to Niagara .. oh well, same here) & the 52 year old bus driver starts talking about his lolita relationships.(han, wo sahi mein dil ka bada acchha tha)

Chinese torture : Wow so many indians in the bus, lets put on some 'indian' music & let me read you the wikipedia printout on the niagara falls ! We'll stop for lunch at a famous indian restaurant(read cheap punjabi buffet). Even that never happened because we were already late. Then there was the 'corny' glass museum where u can see the periodic table made out of glass,
complete nonsense finds me sometimes :)

It was not all bad , we atleast got a room - starting from not knowing where the motel was or if the booking had been made. Got to see many of the attractions in spite of the above. ..My first time in the casino saw me lose 5$ after getting greedy. Niagara is a must see, Chiniagara is not !
U can see my completely fabricated photos in the right flickr link ..

Bhaag Ramu Bhaag !

& who the hell names a movie "Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag" !!!!