Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Suck it up guys !

Our national hockey team is fuming at the 20/20 'baseball' cup win celebrations. They think that they are getting a step motherly treatment & that the step mother is nothing like yashoda in any way.

I think hockey never enjoyed large public support, so just because the team played better in the times of dhyaanchand, it was made the national sport ? Personally i like tennis & dislike cricket because they are simply not consistent enough Also you never know if it is 'fixed' . But, actually no sport can beat the excitement of the final overs in cricket for Indians, so unless you win an Olympic gold or something, hockey guys will have to be satisfied with the government jobs.
People will only follow a sport when someone performs first, as was the case with Leander then & Sania now.

p.s. I also think its wasteful of us to allow a noise & air polluting event called F1 to be hosted in India. Nothing will come good out of it except money going into the hands of politicians/mallaya.

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