Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How indians are (?) supporting the iraq war

Though india is not supporting the war ..given their huge presence, immigrant tech workers in US might be , heres how :

Excerpt from wikipedia on the taxation status of H1B visa holders ..

"H-1B workers are legally required to pay the same taxes as any other U.S. resident, including Social Security and Medicare."

"Since an H-1B visa is only valid for 6 years and Social Security benefit eligibility typically requires 10 years of work, most H-1B visa holders will not be able to make use of the Social Security benefits that they are contributing to."

What am i paying the staggering amount of tax for then ? Donation for the 'eye raq' blunder ??
Can i get it back ?


Anonymous said...

i assume you are opposed to the iraq war?
if true, shouldn't you refuse to support it?
even if that entails you heading back to india, no?
if not, then all you are doing is talking.

Confusious said...

Actually, I really am dying to go back.. but i can influence more people against the war by staying in the country, whatever little time i am here.If thats a consolation for my taxes then it is worth it.

dhanashree said...

hey your title bar is awesome! i really am surprised to see you're this creative...

b t w, article is somewhat controversial, lemme read it properly...