Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A crazy cuban driver + a confused guide make for a beautiful trip

Oh what an outing , if you are visiting touristy places out of New York then i would recommend
the chinatown tours for a complete adventurous & brain twisting trip(sarcasm intended). You know how the next 48 hours are going to be when you change buses twice , your chinese guide doesn't know which tour company he's working for(apparently it was his first trip with this company to Niagara .. oh well, same here) & the 52 year old bus driver starts talking about his lolita relationships.(han, wo sahi mein dil ka bada acchha tha)

Chinese torture : Wow so many indians in the bus, lets put on some 'indian' music & let me read you the wikipedia printout on the niagara falls ! We'll stop for lunch at a famous indian restaurant(read cheap punjabi buffet). Even that never happened because we were already late. Then there was the 'corny' glass museum where u can see the periodic table made out of glass,
complete nonsense finds me sometimes :)

It was not all bad , we atleast got a room - starting from not knowing where the motel was or if the booking had been made. Got to see many of the attractions in spite of the above. ..My first time in the casino saw me lose 5$ after getting greedy. Niagara is a must see, Chiniagara is not !
U can see my completely fabricated photos in the right flickr link ..

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dhanashree said...

hey me too had taken a china tour and we stopped at th glass museum too... our adventure however was different... our driver lost his way as it was his first time !!