Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ungli jaisi dubli ko nahi chahiye pharmacy

I like to karaoke, more so if the lyrics go like this :

jurassic park mein sundar se jode, jazz music gaaye mil ke
(beautiful pairs together are singing the jazz music in the jurassic park !)

picasso ki painting mera peechhe pakad ke texas mein naache mil ke
(holding the painting of picasso behind, we dance together in texas)

Such 'gems' of songs ( like 'telephone dhun mein hasne wali' from indian )
were penned by writer p.k. mishra. These songs might seem nonsensical at first, but
have a lot of meaning such as ..

bandooke taan ke goli chalane se pyaar kabhi marta hai kya
(does love die if you shoot the lovers with guns ?)

machhli pakadne ka jaal bichhaane se ambar ke taare phanste kya
(can you catch the stars of sky by spreading a fishing net ?)

Genius ! :P
So i though of compiling a short table of songs & lyrics here for us to karaoke !

muqabala muqabalaYoutubea r rahmanp k mishramano swarnalatha
urvashi urvashiYoutubea r rahmanp k mishraa r rahman
shankar mahadevan
noel james
patti rapDesiLassia r rahmanp k mishrasuresh Peters
noel james
shankar mahadevan
gopala gopalaDesiLassia r rahmanp k mishras p balasubrahmanyam
s janaki
premika ne pyaar seDesiLassia r rahmanp k mishras p balasubrahmanyam
udit narayan
s p b pallavi

^^^ He features in all of the songs

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Unknown said...

Hey what's the meaning of this line "Ungli jaisi dubli ko nahi chahiye pharmacy" and i don't need the translation but meaning.