Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pray for the deported sole

Does it occur to you that just when you are leaving a place some strange coincidences happen ?
Like you find out that pronto pizza makes the thin-crust pizza that you like, while you were going over @ sbarros . That everybody notices your smile & attributes it to your going back home, which was never commented upon when you came back from that skiing trip or Miami. That suddenly there is a 1$ bluetooth headset available "only online" that you don't have the time to collect now. That even though nobody has told them about your return, long forgotten relatives call & ask for 'gifts'. That you realize the very touristy place you did not bother to visit was the symbol of the city. Yes I didn't visit lady liberty - just saw her from a *very* safe distance. Why ? well I was afraid that she might hit me with that enormous torch - I've stood her up for more than a millennium now ;P

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dhanashree said...

i have become a member of indiblogger too...