Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Really Sensitive index

Yesterday the mumbai sensitive index opened 1500 points down
& immediately my flat mates went into chintamani mode.
As i saw later in the morning, It recovered afterwards.
But some guys were awake late into night (am in the USofA rt now) tracking it.
some reason keeps me away from tying myself to the ups & downs of sensex.
its too unstable, perhaps, like the cricket team, i expect some consistency !

I was awake too, trying out Joost, a
play on demand video web service that lets you play tv shows. Though the video quality
is good, there are not a large number of shows available but that is expected to change
in the course of time. Its easy for providers to stream video content here in the U.S.
where everything is broadband. No such luck in india for the time being.If you don't want
to install the player, websites of some tv channels provide full episodes online like :

Survivor (last season) ** must see
Survivor (China - current season)

All on

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