Saturday, July 14, 2007

Conveyor Belt Sushi

As a software coolie, I am supposed to be ferried anywhere at a moments notice.
On one such assignment, am at Singapore right now for the past few months.
They say food is a pastime of singaporeans..yes it is, looks like nobody cooks at home!
& there are various options to choose from Malay to Indian to Western. I just 'had' to taste japanese so i went to place called sakae sushi at Raffels place.
Curiously, there was no sakae, only sushi (or its not the drink they are talking about)
We sat on the sides of an elevated table, on which there was a long conveyor belt running, with lots of dishes coming & going. Out of which we had :
1) Fried Octopus !
2) Raw Salmon
3) Fish eggs
4) Something made out of Egg :P

I could just barely eat all of this, thank goodness i had ordered for a large coke !

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