Friday, July 13, 2007


This is my first log entry though I‘ve experienced it before.
Curiously, though I had the same sensation at those times, I did not
log it , cannot even remember now. So this …

I have been looking for a new place since my landlord has sold the place.
I have done house hunting before, but not in this context.
I went to a flat in sher-e- Punjab colony, Mumbai.
There I rang the bell on the 5th floor(guess)& met a vikas agarwal who’s staying with another guy.
The other guy will be leaving This month end but I want to shift earlier.
I go on & inspect the place which is clean but quite ordinary, I like it.
I go the kitchen & then the adjoining bathroom.
The bathroom seems familiar (but only from experience).
I come back to the hall. The other guy is cooking something.
I am in the process of talking to both of them about rent & all & intermittently look at the TV which is playing some song I like.
THEN It happens ! I’ve been in this situation, in that exact place before saying things that I said but I cant recollect when ,where, how ??
I stop saying anything for a while, they both look at me but dont notice anything.I resume with saying byes to them.

I want to move-in earlier. This has been the case before but can’t put a finger when. I sort of had a Premonition that I wont be coming here. But I think that was more of a rational decision.

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I would like to know your comments & your own experiences of a Deja Vu.

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