Sunday, July 22, 2007

Aap ka suroor the moviee the real luv story - the review

What !? तू मूंगफली तो नही बन गया ? (have u gone nuts ?)... reaction of a friend when i told him i happened to watch "the moviee the real luv story"(yeah thats what the title says!).
well yes i watched it (i am adventurous u see :P) .

The verdict ? well lets just say that its supposed to be a mystery & i didn't wait till the climax :P . But apart from that the first half is very good. Even though HR (not human resource - thats himes's character) doesnt have any idea what 'expression' is ..the humour keeps the story alive.Theres even a joke on his nasal singing !

No intimate scenes, since the cap cant come off !

The screenplay if i dare say it fine & its a slick moviee by todays standards. The plot goes awry after हिमेस escapes from the german prison. But hear this .. Hansika motwani is Damn Gud even if only for the cutie cute role she's got.


vishal said...

Hmm..i wanted to learn who are the people who have make the 'luv' based 'moviee' a confirmed hit. Now i know :)

vishal mungi said...

Kasam se, i am a die hard fan of himes now :P More trivia : Hansika's cell ringtone is .. behold ..gayatri mantra ! & then himes sings the mantra as he remembers her. If southies have 'Sivaji' we must have a zooper ztar as well !