Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cuil !> Google

Cuil(pronunced 'kewl' or 'cool') claims to be 3X efficient than Google. It is not even equal.

General Search :

Tested with the term chetan bhagat cuil doesn't even show the official website of the Author of the Five Point Someone & One Night at call center, which is the first result in Google.

Code search [ very neccessary ;) ]

Tested with the term javascript escape ampersand text the Cuil first page provides only two ways to escape ampersand using javascript ; even adding another word to the query javascript escape ampersand text struts
leads to "No results found",whereas Google shows many alternatives.

News Search :

A search for Surat Bombs in Cuil : No mention of the recent bombs [ maybe this engine is US specific, fox news link comes up first ]
Google shows the relavant news result at the very top.

bottomline :
Cuil may look Cool
, but is Not a gud search tool

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