Thursday, January 3, 2008


Life has its pause & look moments, each one comes with a decision to make & its caveats, but atleast the choices are yours. In these moments, you probably ask yourself :

q1) What you want : This is more like a dream, what you 'think' will give you satisfaction.
q2) What others consider good for you : Work, Family, The usuals.
q3) What is probable based on how it currently is : Likely an average of the two depending on what decisions you make from now on.

for e.g. some answers might be...

a1) I want to quit & play pro golf.
a2) I should settle in the routine, get a managerial position,
earn more & marry & have kids then earn even more for them.
a3) Earning ok, manager'ish position, played golf once.

So what the future holds depends on my attitude as well as the actual tasks I do for the particular choice, I can't quit, its too risky but I can practice golf while working, only it will take me decades. For some, like celebrities & major sportspersons the answer to last two questions will mostly be the same as the first, but the questions arise again after they pass their prime. Like a friend says, Life is simple if you can live with the difficult decisions. Better to be happy with whatever you've got.


Puneet said...

hmm good one.. but wht do u want to infer from the blog :-) or wht do u want ppl to understand..

Confusious said...

I want ppl to understand that,
there is No inference to be gained from this blog, only thing you can gain is interference in your office tasks.