Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bhajji Banned for 'Racial' abuse against Symonds

Bhajji allegedly called him a monkey, monkeys were offended.

In a press statement issued by the monkey spokesperson shri chimpu ji , monkeys have strongly asked not to be confused with the hypercharged athelete down under. They have also requested us not to try to look like them by needlessly jumping around.Recent reports have shown that monkeys & especially chimpanzees can handle pressure better on the field than Australians.

news link: Harbhajan banned for three tests
& Aussies.. ever heard about a fair hearing ..Mate ?
**Update: BCCI suspends series till appeal is heard.
... it looks like BCCI was for continuing with the next match till the players took a hard stand. They claim that none of their views were taken into consideration.

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