Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bolly ties

"aap Indian hain ?" the driver asked me.
"han, Mumbai se"
"oh Bombay, aapne Shahrukh ko dekha hai ?"
"nahi, par chaahat Aishwarya ko dekhne ki hai"
"haha, wo shahrukh ki nayi picture ayi hai na, kya nam hai ..shanti.."
"han Om Shanti Om"
"kaisi hai ? kuchh serious to nahi"
"ekdum timepass picture hai" (i didn't like it for the same reason, but i knew what he wanted)
"wahan Karachi mein hamesha dekhte hain sab nayi picture"
"acchha aap karachi se hain ?"
"han ji, koi aisa vaisa scene to nahi hai na usme ? "
"nahin to, vaise shahrukh ki movies mein to sab acchha hi rehta hai, Magar is bar kapde utre to hain lekin sirf Shahrukh ke" I answered.
"Hahaha, waakai ? to woh bhi salman ke nakshe kadam par hai ..."

"6 inch veggie patty with honey oat bread" I blurted as usual to the subway sandwich attendant.
"hello namaste" he chimed.
"namaste ji"
"tum Indian hai? ye kolkata chinese hai" pointing to his colleague.
"arey wah, to apki family kolkata mein hai ?"
"nahi nahi ye mazak karta hai, hum dilli mein rehta hai, nepali hai"
"acchha achha"
"picture dekha abhi, wo .. taara jemeen par , theek hai, lekin bhelcome bahut hi acchha hai . bahut maja. Abhi wo akshay kuma(r) number two hai sharrukh ke neeche, acchha comedy banata hai na isliye."

I'm posting this soon after this 7/11 bangladeshi saleswoman let me off after a lecture on why Preity Zinta needs to lose weight & that Rani should marry now. Mindless 'family' bollywood fare ties the subcontinent as nothing else can.


Kumarachandran said...

Good, atleast it unites people whereas the politicians try to divide.Similarity of culture and language attracts them and makes feel homely. I would encourage them; definitely chat for a while and make these people closer to us.

Confusious said...

Most of the drivers in NY are from the subcontinent, and like typical us, they don't wait to start a conversation especially if they see a fellow brown. And I've realized that the popularity of Shahrukh(how much ever i hate his hamming) transcends boundaries just because he gives clean entertainment, giving a cause for the uncles & aunties to go for a good family outing.