Monday, February 4, 2008

One serious flaw

In Bharat Matrimony, Shaadi, H1BMatri, DocMatri, BComMatri, JeevanSaathi, Mere Haathi etc etc...
where is the Add to Cart button ? (pls dont hit me !)

Other suggestions -

(photoshopped image)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Please tell me this is just bad editing and not an actual option.

If it is, then oh well, women are simply marriage commodities anyway. Oh, and do they have a "request dowry" button? [/snark]

Confusious said...

:) chill, its just a photoshopped image, I thought Amrita Rao's pic would have been the give away. Although this can be a reality in polygamous societies. And no, I doubt there will ever be a request dowry button.. there can be a 'you work & i enjoy' button ;)