Friday, February 22, 2008

Bournvita days

when we munched on Uncle chipps
& Dalda was the oil
besides the macchhar dani
we burned a Tortoise coil

even inside, it wasn't safe
some buzzing devil would smile
but it would soon be crushed
by clapping hands a while.

those were the days of Cinthol
or if you were into sports - Lifebuoy
& free hot-wheels that came with Maggi
was the most sought after toy.

people say now, we cut the greenery
which really upset the Chinkara
& then Salman didn't check the expiry
on his Hamdard ka tonic Cinkara.

to think of it - Hamara Bajaj
was a message in national Integration
for the people with no kaamkaaj
queueing for license-quota-ration

things are not much different today
aunties are not any leaner
just instead of Rooh-afza
they hand us a toilet cleaner

is that why India is shining? I dunno
the cola is yet to trickle to the last row
we may have big bars,the 'smallest' cars
I hope broad minds & roads will follow

its true that a lot of change
was brought about by Mannu-ji
but do u think its any strange
that I still want my Parle-G ?


dhanashree said...

if this is an original one, then you are really good at it boy!

lucky to put a comment today, your page gives me hard time doing it otherwise..

Confusious said...

All content here is 100% copied from the thought factory of a certain mungi. All references otherwise are properly credited & linked to the original.

This page gives you hard time ?
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