Thursday, February 7, 2008

I was alone,

and lights were blinking
the horses danced
their hooves were clinking

On the elephants back
was perched an eagle
she looked all around
and found her seagull.

The gorilla told me
she hates GM bananas
I told her to buy
the grocery from kiranas.

Did Newton ever see
the apple fall down ?
Or did he just see
the stock index in town ?

The earth is flat
& circles the moon
after an encounter
the police shouts khoon-khoon

It rained cats & dogs
in Mumbai one day
where did they go
politics, did i say ?

I am still alone
lights are still blinking
but it turns out that
in a carousel , I had been drinking.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Didn't know you were a poet.

Confusious said...

Thanks Lekhni :). Just a little game that work drives me to play, write a few lines & then try to fit words :P. Thats why i call em rhymes rather than poems.

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

rofl.. that was funny.
i liked the newton stanza best..

stay confounded :)