Thursday, February 21, 2008

Amreeka Chunaav '08 - Ohio

As a temporary foreign worker, I am obviously not eligible to vote in the presidential elections of Amreeka. And we all know it doesn't effect Bharat much even if Huckabee was elected ! But I am really amazed, amazed at the whole election process, its like a huge bollywood blockbuster waiting to be released, with established fan bases of the 'stars' rooting for each of them. The candidates themselves strut like rock stars, signing autographs & 'handling' media spotlight.[& to think that they're not even nominated yet !]
Watching the Ohio democratic debate today between Barack & Hillary, I thought, why don't we have such (civil) debates back in Bharat ? It would actually be worth enormous TRPs watching Lalu jee(our Colbert) throw his one liners (bhag budbakht!) at the stoic Advani. For once we can make Sonia answerable about her decisions. But then again the chaos at the top represents the functional anarchy at the bottom in India.

Coming to the debate, three major points were discussed :
1) It being Texas & close to the border, Immigration was discussed.
2) Economy & how it can be improved by bringing troops back form Iraq.
3) Universal Healthcare i.e. Health insurance for all.

Theres not much difference to choose either on Immigration, both are pro-legalizing
illegal immigrants & for comprehensive reforms in the process, though Obama seems to lean more towards giving protectionist incentives to companies making pro-american recruiting policies.Which can be deemed anti-outsourcing.

Both want to make a quick exit strategy out of Iraq.The only difference being that Obama was anti-war from the start. He also believes the money which will wont be spent on the war will be invested at home to lift the economy.

On the healthcare front, Clinton wants compulsory insurance to be taken by all, while Obama wants to reduce the costs which should make it easier to take insurance. Here Clintons plan is to force everybody which will be quite difficult with the present costs.

Some passing reference to a new Cuban president was made as to whether they would like to meet him, both were of the positive view with Clinton putting some conditions. I would consider this situation to be similar of how Indian leaders view any change in Pakistan - more of the same.

All in all the debate was cool, it is interesting to note however, that though Obama is the super crowd-puller speaker, it was Clinton who got a standing ovation when she made a sentimental ending note about how her personal crises pail in front of soldiers becoming handicapped. As both signed autographs after the debate, Obama was surrounded by young guys & chicks while Clinton had the women & old men asking for hers.

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