Friday, December 7, 2007


She was sitting besides a fresh grave, gazing at the roses, in tears.

"Come on Iya, Its getting late, we don't have much time."
"It wasn't supposed to be like this Ralph"

He came near & held her hands.

"I know honey, but we can't help it now"
"But everything was so good, the kids were happy with us Ralph, so happy with us as parents, I was so proud of James, Lisa made me smile. I never thought i would have anybody call me mom like that."
"You chose well Iya, getting them was perhaps the best decision we ever made"
"But now .."
"Now lets hope they'll be cherished as the precious little souls they are, thats all we can do, lets go"

The two rise & walk towards the gates, then disappear in the mist.

The tombstones read :
Iya Welch
12/20/1972 - 1/23/2007
Ralph Welch
11/13/1971 - 1/23/2007

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