Tuesday, December 4, 2007

After the revelation

First the Flashback

P.Hell* 21/22/2200,
When he-who-must-not-be-spoken-of-lightly FSM, rescued me from the normal hell, you should have seen their faces ! Thats why us pastafarians just love FSM, he is the one & only ultimate god & thinking otherwise would be blasphemy. So here I am at the *Pastafarian hell now. Why still hell you ask? Arey the place is just too cool to be called Hell. Infact Phell is the exact opposite. We get 96 virgins [instead of the standard 72 in some other heavens] for all the weekends in the year. You can pee & spit paan anywhere but it doesn't stain or smell ! Theres no politics [politicos are sent to the heaven, where they don't have mouths]. We even have starbucks & haldirams outlets plus my favorite : toys-r-us !
In a few days I will be in the divine presence of goddess Invisible Pink Unicorn. She might have already blessed us , we never know since shes kind of .. Invisible. Hoping that you all join me soon in these new adventures in the afterlife.

Signing off from Phell,

Thanks to lekhni for inspiring an even more nonsensical sequel post to the one below :)

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