Monday, December 31, 2007

Charlie Wilson's War

The movie is a gem as far as hollywood movies dealing with world geopolitics go. Absolutely nothing is out of place, from chronicling the antics of (former)U.S. congressman Charlie Wilsons flamboyant lifestyle to the parched landscape of the afghans.
The film is a cinematic adaptation of a book on the same subject, which is about Charlie Wilson and his role in getting U.S. support for the afghan fight against the soviets in late 70s. It was cold war time & U.S. was then fighting a covert war to defeat the communist soviet regime. In order to keep the support under cover & outrun the commies, Charlie had made an almost impossible pact between the Muslims & Israel, the movie tells us how he goes about it. Tom Hanks plays congressman Charlie Wilson & is impeccable in presenting the man, having character flaws & yet holding Americas interests above all, Om Puri splendidly plays general Zia-Ul-Haq , Julia Roberts does a stellar job of playing an upper class conservative christian , using her money & influence against the communists.
The film also makes points upon how America always goes to war but never tries to rebuild the community afterwards.


dhanashree said...

please dont leave your sarcasm as i dont think it hurts anyone,
its always a pleasure to read you blogs and some posts like the winsome smile one, i repeated to other people and they have startted visiting your pages regularly..

shall see this movie, sounds good. life is beautiful khup chhaan aahe, co incidently i saw it 2 days before you told me.

am commenting about everything at once, as it was a li'll complicated with blogspot and our protected network, for a few days and i just read, had things to say but couldnt..

great job with the blog... happy new 'Y'ear .......

Krista said...

Good post.