Thursday, November 1, 2007

A sense always prevails around me


Here i was, late in the night as usual trying to straighten my back on punishing benches of the subway train, after a back-breaking non-working day. It so happens that after lurking around yesterday night at the halloween parade, I was thinking about spooky action at a distance & so the possibility of some thing traveling faster than the speed of light (yeah, seriously bored).Ok, If there is indeed anything zapping around faster would we be able to see it ? cos it is already faster than light speed , which is the only thing we can see. Also would we be able to feel it ? when we can only feel visible sunlight as sunburn after spending hours in it ? Moreover the mass of this 'thing' would be lighter than photons(?) so it is possible that we are already feeling it .. that might actually be causing that itch you cant scratch on you back !

Now all this while, i was also time slicing between looking at a belle dame seated diagonally opposite. She looked at me... is the burger mayo still stuck to my chin ? nope, she looked at me again ! that happens rarely. Sometime later she smiled at me !! that almost never happens. The train stopped, she got out, i got out .... she waved at the friend seated next to me all along in the train ... & it was the wrong station, again.

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