Thursday, November 15, 2007

Childrens Day at 99.98 fm

- Hey, This just in, we got Xyz Khan for childrens day.
- What ? wow ! which Slot ?
- Morning, traffic tunes, tell Adrita to be ready.
- Oh she'll really freak out when i tell her this !
- Bet she will, & tell her i want the 'cute' accent, its childrens day afterall.
And you have the job of arranging some children.
- Some children ?
- Actually some special children, you know those autistic kinds.
- Oh i get it, but can't we get some from that Balashram orphanage ?
- No, we want the mentally challenged know his new movie
is about those kids.
- Oh yeah, I forgot, nice songs.
- I know, so we have got some exclusives as well.
- Really ! that will shoot up the listener ship.


-Hey I just called at this place, those children are booked.
-What ? children are booked ?
-Yeah 99.99 fm got to them before us, u know they have Xyz Kapoor coming right ?
-Yeah Yeah, isn't there any other place for these kids ?
-Not in Mumbai & our budget is limited.
-Oh shoot ! Khan asked specifically for those ones. How about that orphanage.
-Let me check.


-Late here as well, they are being taken to PhonyTV.
-Oho..then Cancer kids, Handicapped, anything ?
-Very difficult, I know an NGO, they provide good street kids.
-Street kids, oh nobody cares about Them.

-Hmmm ok why don't you do one thing, just tell all the staff to get their children,
Nobody can guess on radio & they'll have some fun. Have you called the press bureau yet ?

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