Thursday, November 22, 2007

An oily rhyme

We have rich soil
Have mexicans who toil
O' Citizens.. smile
Cause we have the oil

Who gives a damn if others roil
We have the oil
We have the oil

The free market economy is a bliss,
But don't outsource our jobs please.
Let the Macs & Cokes take them over,
Just dont take away my subsidy cover.

We are sure, theres no global warming,
Its only too many chinese swarming,
Its them & the Indians,
who make the world boil.
Its not our oil,
Never our oil.

So what if no ones ever been thankful,
for changing regimes & givin'em 'democracy'.
we have our hands full,
for embarking on the next idiocracy.

Those who are not with us are against us,
In fear they will recoil,
cause we have the oil,
We'll always take that oil.

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