Friday, November 9, 2007

Miss Mumbai ..

very much ! Although i would prefer to settle down anywhere but the maximum city, can't help but reminisce all the chaos on this sombre deepavali here.

What do i miss ?

Hanging my underwear out to dry (you can do it here but the neighbors frown)

Vada-Pav which is literally khoon paseene ki kamai of the vendor.

Flies. we had a very symbiotic relationship, they tasted my food for poison.

ooooo Himesh + auto rickshaw + jhankaar beats.

The 'sacred' animal walking or idling on the road. Eating garbage.

Power-cut breaks we used to get in the office.

Raste ka maal saste mein. Do ka char, Do ka char, Dun kya bhaisaab ?

Automatic boarding & exiting the mumbai local. The extremly 'close' brotherhood of local commuters.

Jaghanya apraadhi faraar ! & Breaking news every minute on aak tak..sabse tez.

Haggling with the cold-drink vendor for the 2 Rs. over MRP.

Pudhe chalaa pudhe chalaa.. o kali topi wale sarak tujhya m@i#% - Best bus conductor.

Egg-bhurji available at any ungodly hour. The silly drunkards(Hic!) that surround that egg-bhurji stall.

wish to add more ?

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vishal said...

Yes !
Elderly uncles who would lecture you on every topic of the world in local train, and ask the TT for his I -card with a 'andolankari' gusto :)