Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not in good toast sir

Yes go ahead Mr. secular sardarji economist prime minister (a phrase taken from his own unofficial blog) , make a toast to your pathetic 4 years, we will surely toast you next year ! But the dichotomy here is that we will have to choose the merchant of death Modi over you - the merchant of doing nothing. This dichotomy is a slightly different from the dicotomy present in my apartment were there are two cots in one room. On one sleeps a poor bachelor guy, in my case a poor very bachelor guy & the other sleeps the roomy in his underwear. How I wished he was a she sleeping like that but on second thoughts the prospect of waking up (4ft) next to a hairy & balding (in his case his hair face a dichotomy) girl might induce morning sickness without being pregnant.

In other news finally I have got some work so I won't have to take the same trainings over & over now, just have to pretend to be involved wih the team.

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