Friday, May 16, 2008

Khansi ki Rani

Back in matrubhumi, visited aai-baba, tossed little things into lakes. Been playing a lot of kho-kho lately without really (cough) playing it (cough) . Went to some B.H.M.s. phamily physician - wrong decision. He gave me some suppressants, but this mutiny is not of the 1857 variety to be suppressed so easily. Looks like experimenting with cold water shower might have been an over estimation of my immunity. Back to warm water.

Next post will be delayed. I hate websense.


lekhni said...

warm water in summer? I feel sorry for you..

Confusious said...

Lekhni : Odd right? Its been the case since my teens, thats why I wanted to try & adjust to cold shower but my body is not responding positively.