Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Natarang : A review

I've been twittering more so this blog hasn't got any attention, I actually had to clear cobwebs around the posting page :P .
Anyway, this deserves more than a tweet or two. I finally managed to watch Natarang after looking at 'houseful' boards for two weekends. Here are some thoughts :
>First of all Take A Bow Atul Kulkarni. It takes guts to portray two strikingly different characters. One is literally a wrestler, thinks like a king, the other who is a nachya (I believe there is no english definition for this).
> The story is about Guna, a daily wage earner in a maharashtrian village who is passionate about tamasha in the artistic sense. He gives up everything to bring up a tamasha group of his own. The story is brutally tragic in the second half. Not suitable for kids at all.
> Hats off to the director, hes remained true to the novel. The screenplay is just how i like it, keeps you engaged all throughout. And the detailing ..& wow I love details, when a musician leaves the troupe you can see the band manager himself playing it.
> Zee has impressed me, they work so well on regional content, first initiatives like saregamapa which gave us a flavor of marathi folk music & then movies like this.
> As I left the theater, there was feeling that something was missing. Maybe if they would have put the Arjun-Bruhannala performance at the end to signify the redemption that Guna had started, it would have brought a feel good factor.

> The music is fantastic. I read Ajay-Atul have been offered by sanjay leela bhansali one of his flick after he listened to their work.
> The Lavani is essentially a sensuous art form & it shows from the brilliant performance of Sonali kulkarni(not the DCH one), she is Hot ;)

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