Tuesday, June 16, 2009

49 to 99

Yo sista so cute, when she moved they packed her with her soft toys!!


Sista came over for the weekend, Cousin tagged along .. I was dragged along … like a tin can tethered to a short string.  

Bandra Linking road, of course, whenever girlies roam around it is only around some crowded market.

The market was looking down a bit, only the ones along the sides were selling girly thing-thongs.

Sista lament : “it’s not the same without the hawkers sitting in the middle of the road. I got this top for 100 bucks from them”.

Then a Long haggle for Short skirt.  Madam aapka bhi nai mera bhi nai, 200 rupiya, kyon bhaisaab ?

huh ? I said looking away from the girl wearing noodle straps :P . Ogling, is one of the perks around here but the price to pay is

a bit high - becoming a walking wallet.

Young  ladies lingerie shopping with their Sari clad mothers.

Women, having paani puri sessions between intense brainstorming over matching tops & skirts. More haggling, bargains won.

Boyfriends, Husbands, Fathers, looking bored to death.

Thank god I had booked a movie ticket so this ended quickly !

99” - nice movie. Literally takes you through indias mobile revolution since 1999.


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quaintkal said...

lol..this is precisely 'why' i dnt even think of taking a guy with me for shopping!!