Thursday, December 4, 2008

When everybody behaved like IndiaTV

"On the streets of Mumbai, I only met people who thanked us for providing a larger sense of community to a city seething with rage and grief."

- Barkha Dutt responding to the sentiment that media acted senseless.

Yes, Just as you get to see only "nice" comments on your site. Hah ! Looks like is not ready for my comments on your rebuttal So lets have them here :

If you're speaking for the whole main stream tv news media ..
1) We saw media guys chasing the rescued hostages for quotes. How are you feeling? really? if he wants to tell he'll stop, not keep walking 500 mtrs with a mob of reporters following him.
2) We saw blow by blow coverage of the commando action, even to the extent of being told which exact positions our commandos were in. Do you know that very time many the social messaging sites (twitter etc.) were self-censoring their messages for the fear that the terrorists might get any hint.(far fetched, but why take the risk, this was a war)
3)Why were some correspondents shouting ?? (Like when a guy with earphones thinks others can't hear him & shouts) shouldn't they be thinking of not creating panic ? Reporters should NOT be like that.
4)There was NO confirmation being carried out, this number of terrorists, this number of commondos (not even saying probably this many), another blast at CST ???? . Please don't report anything without confirmation. simple.
5) Why doesn't news media walk the talk & do something on its own to frame regulations instead of waiting on the government?? You're always talking of us being dependent on govt. don't you. Take a cue from the international media.

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Shaili said...

I second u on that Vishal... i personally think they're all demented ppl there! eggheads!