Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The ending that will stay with me till my ending !

I had Taare Zameen Par stored on my laptop, roommate had not seen it, when we saw it together, I felt proud, as if I had made it & was holding a private screening !

In theatres the movies that I saw recently were Ironman,Valu(marathi) & Tingya(marathi). (Fe)Man was fultu timepass as expected, In Valu some characters makes a documentary about a rampaging village bull gone mad(though all the the while, the bull in question never seems dangerous!) & Tingya feels literally like a documentary on suicidal maharashtra farmers. The two marathi movies are very well made, but lack any punch to get the message through. Next on the watch list is another marathi flick De Dhakka& waiting for Harold & Kumar's next to release here.


While we are on the topic of movies ...

Among the few blog feeds that I subscribe to, one is Passion For Cinema. Here, the readers contribute tidbits about world cinema, which one gets to read about rarely from an Indian perspective. Came across a topic The (movie) endings which stayed with me there & I had to mention the climax that has stayed with me & is likely to stay with me till the climax of my life! It is the ending of the Original Planet of the Apes which came out in 1968. I so so so much want to describe it here but it's so haunting & powerful that you have to see it without any spoilers. Interestingly, the novel which the movie is based on has a different end & its writer said later that he wished he had thought of the twist ending as it appears in the movie !

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