Thursday, April 17, 2008

Open general dreamy layer

Social equality in India,
The Urban equation :
Open General category : A large mass of Indians who are openly reverse discriminated & generally found looking intently at a little lower section of admission lists.
Unfortunately some have to pay for their great grandfathers mistakes, but no problem, as long as this 49.5% is only applied to government institutions & there are more private institutions like sp jain, xlri symbiosis , who cares ? Lest you are a poor brahmin, where the only choice is either become a match maker or horoscope reader !

And then there are the rural walls :

(The wall separating communities in a village near madurai. courtesy ; The Hindu)
The wall in Madurai, The wall in Nagpur.

The question remains, does reservation really help or it further alienates communities ? The hoardings that read बाबा साहेब अम्बेडकर यांना कोटी कोटी प्रणाम on his birthday should have read बाबा साहेब अम्बेडकर यांना कोटा कोटा प्रणाम , even he would not have imagined what has happened of his ideas.


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dhanashree said...

politicians keep increasing quotas n show that they are trying to do this to get equality.

in big cities there is a lot of equality already. smaller towns and villages, refuse to stay equal. quotas have not changed anything in either situations.

when we moved into our rental apartment in chennai the landlord made sure we were the same 'caste' as his. this things are more prevalent even in educated people here.