Monday, August 13, 2007

The deal was signed even before i could say 123 !

The wolf in the sheeps 'Hyde'

I am not going into all the objections raised by the left or right on the agreement. But consider these :

1) The US congress has every chance of discussion & voting on the deal, our parliament doesn't.
The agreement lasts 40 + 10 years, the least they should do is let the future potential governments voice their concerns.
2) The very incentive of India to sign the deal .. that of getting the equipment & technology have been put on the back burner with a different 'amendment' to be done later. What US wants right now is achieved - India now is de facto under NPT.
3) Nuclear energy , though less polluting cannot even produce 20% of our need by 2050 & going by what happened at japan recently .. its a very serious threat to a nation sitting on many geographical fault lines.
4) Imagine how tough will it be for india to test ? we will lose over 200 bn $ in investment !
5) We have been stated as a advanced nuclear technology state & not a nuclear weapons state, they've not even given us this feel good toy.
6) Maybe its a good deal ultimately but fact is that we are not convinced.

Now only if the puppets had ears ....

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