Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am still stuck in this dream

Happens so, many times a day
I imagine being far away from the railway
with no signs of the train of thought
the mundane worries, the reasoned rot
my secret place is a complete bliss
where golden sand awaits sun’s first kiss
the one sound here, is a rhythmic beat
of lashing white waves crashing at my feet

here I mock, the hands of the clock
& dive in the sea of my lavish reverie
on velvet red coral, stands a vast blue mural
is there any word for awesome in plural ?
twinkles in bubbles, goin' up thru a flow
a fish goes puff ! an other seems to glow
fins gills tails - green yellow blue
ah! this scene is too good to be true
Dolphins dance up around as I surface
surprised & amazed, I see her glistening face
with a smile on her lips & a hint in her eyes,
"Lets dry out" she says as we leap for the skies !
I grab her hand n our love is in the air
a wavy zephyr keeps caressing her hair.
I can slay demons, I can defeat kings
oh! for the love of this angel-without-any-wings.

in the cotton clouds, after much hide n seek
she tells me she’s tired so we rest on a peak
we lay on the grass, in arms for long
moments of silence do seem like a song
then birds start chirping like something is wrong

they point to the clouds, looking up in pain
"the thick black ones have locked up rain"
fear swells within, then turns into rage
how dare they keep the goddess in cage

as I turn around & get ready to fly
I catch my reflection on a tear in her eye
"wipe those tears love, I'm not going to die
whatever else happens, I'll never let you cry"

"we will have rain, I promise you this,
there's no question I'll return for a kiss"
the sky goes dark as they gather around
Keepin everyone thirsty on the ground.

In a sudden urge, an adrenalin surge,
I want those clouds swept away to a purge

may be continued ...
(haven't been able to finish this since last year ! All images are open for non commercial use .)


Rohit Srivastwa said...

Wah sher
Tu kavi kab se ban gaya ;)

Confusious said...

ye to bas aise hi prod support mein bore hota tha tab ka hai :) ab fir prod support mein jaunga tab complete hogi ;)

mayuresh sane said...

boss ye shayri ke ankoor phoot rahe hai iske mayne kya hue......

Anonymous said...

hey, tu chukun kasa kai changla lihaayla laagl aahes ?? :)

ani website cha changing header thing is looking really fresh.