Friday, January 25, 2013

Real Social life

How does it feel to be told that you are wrong, again & again, when there is nothing wrong with you.

Am I anti social ?

I remember that in all the major places I've grown up, Kota, Indore, Nasik. With the little time we had with each place, my sister & I managed to make friends, used to play with them.What I also remember are the innumerable hours of play time alone. The countless circles that I made running with a spare motorcycle tyre, The thrill of imagining myself playing tennis, when actually it was more like playing squash against the wall with a sock-ball & badminton racquet. The turning of the chess table to play white then black(I still suck at chess though). The flying of hand made kites...

I continue to have friends, like everybody does, I may not call my acquaintances my friends because they are acquaintances .. precisely. I may not chat with my friends day in day out . Sure, I have my quirks, I don't open up soon, I talk less, I don't spend more time with my friends. But I believe I am pretty friendly person. Just as one need not have hundreds of 'likes' to prove that friends exist, one need not feel to consult them about each happening in their life. It is not in my nature to ask favors from friends & I don't expect them too.

Am I anti social ?  I reject this notion.
Am I not social enough ?  .... Who is ?